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Series & Tie-ins


All books listed in chronological order and linked to their respective pages. Code letetrs designate main romantic pairing and genre Ex: M/F = male female M/M = male/male. H=Historical, W=Western, C=Contemporary, P=Paranormal, TT= Time-travel

Hillhouse Family

Bittersweet Surrender (M/F, H,W), Most Wanted (M/M, H,W), Sweet Medicine (M/F, H), Timeless Wish (M/F, TT,W)

Dragon's Disciple/Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers (M/M, H), Silk and Poison (M/M, H), Soul of the Night (M/M, H), The Dragon's Disciple (M/M, C, P) , Alliances (M/M, C, P), Lost Souls (M/M, C, P), Dark Whispers (M/M, C, P)

Beautiful C*cksucker

Beautiful C*cksucker (M/M, C) , Such a Good Boy (M/M, C)


Orange Moon(M/M, C) Winter Song(M/M, C) Under a Silver Moon(M/M, C) Secret Moon(M/M, C) Their Lover (M/F/M Menage, C)


Clean Slate (M/M/M menage, C), First Blood (M/M, C)