Out of Print Books

I have a number of out of print titles I’d like to reissue as soon as I’m able to get covers for them.

I’ve contracted a cover for the first featuring two connected menage tales, one historical, the other contemporary with a touch of paranormal. Unfinished Business and Personal Business.

I will be reissuing Risky Maneuvers originally co-written with Aleks Voinov in the not too distant future.

I hope to soon be able to get a cover for Bittersweet Surrender the first novel in the Hillhouse Family shared world series. Books 1.5-MOST WANTED/ 2-SWEET MEDICINE / 3-TIMELESS WISH and 4-FALLING THROUGH GLASS are currently available.

Unfortunately the popular Dragon’s Disciple series co-written with Anne Cain isn’t able to be reissued. (We never got around to drawing up a legal agreement for book/Character ownership if the publishers closed.

With the exception of THEIR LOVER which i wrote alone, the other books in our Childs Prey J-rock series and the single title Parallel Process also won’t be republished as of this post (7/25/2020)

On the books I co-wrote with Aleksandr Voinov we did make an agreement. Aleks took ownership of the GORGON books Clean Slate and First Blood.